Snow in April isn't stopping us!

Can you believe it is the middle of April and the snow keeps falling?!  Well, on top of keeping up with snow removal, we are taking advantage of the scattered warm days!  Our first spring project has been landscaping for a new construction home.  

What a blast we had working on this project!

We had the privilege of working on a beautiful home in the country with a great view! As someone who farms, our homeowner had accumulated several boulders that we were able to incorporate into the project!  We used them to build boulder walls to help the walk-out grade around the house. 

Our favorite feature is the 14 natural-cut granite boulders that were used to give easier access to the patio from the garage.  Often, tacky wood steps, or unattractive concrete blocks would be used for the stairs- but these granite boulders give a natural and beautiful look as well as provide the necessary function. We incorporated flagstone landings to continue the slope beyond the boulder steps, which allowed us to land right at the base of the patio.   We chose to round the edges of mezzano pavers for the patio because they complimented the house perfectly. 

The fire pit is yet another great feature! It is a beautiful centerpiece of the patio-  a circle double kit fire pit with a built-in custom fire pan and gas 435,000 BTU burner. This fire feature is a very clean and wood-free fire addition to the patio that will get tons of use as it overlooks their beautiful land.

The entire house has foundation landscaping (edging, rock, planting) that is all rounded for easy mowing. This type of landscaping provides the homeowner with easy lawn upkeep- no trimming necessary.  The foundation landscaping provides a barrier between the house and the lawn- protecting the home from any damage.  Finally, we edged the gravel driveway with the same material as the house (4x4 Iowa buff), and incorporated boulders to prevent creeping rock or drivers in the lawn. 

This project was a great way to head into (hopefully) spring! Stay tuned for what is around the corner! Click through the pictures below for more! 

** Thanks to the following for working with us to build this project!  
Prestige Builders: Builder
Outdoor EnvisionsMezzano Pavers, RCP Grand Fire Pit, Iowa Buff
Kleener Image: Custom cut granite boulder steps

Riverwood Retaining Wall

Spring weather means it's time to get to work!  One of our first projects was the Riverwood retaining wall.  Riverwood previously had a boulder wall that was failing due to all the static pressure.  We, along with the clients, decided it would be best to build a block wall- the boulder wall was not a safe option for residents/children.  It took our crews 3 days to tear down the boulder wall, and replace it with the block wall.  We used the blended Rochester compact blocks with a solid charcoal cap.  Check out the images to see the progression and finished product!